it never ends

I haven't prepared anything for today.  I'm distracted by my ongoing new car situation.  Remember this post? How I had a terrible experience buying my new car?  The bank fraud?  The perfect misery of my life for month? Unfortunately, it's not over.  

I'm driving to Bethesda again because my car still (2 months later) isn't registered in DC and I need new temporary tags.  Supposedly, DC is very slow to register cars. That I can believe.  I also think the dealership wasn't being proactive about submitting necessary information.  I, however, have been proactive about getting the car registered.  The temporary tags were good for 2 months.  At 1 month, I checked in to see if they had everything they needed. They didn't.  I sent them the info they requested.  Two weeks ago, I called to see if the tags were in yet.  They weren't.  I called last week.  No response.  I called this week. The tags still aren't there and they don't have everything they need.  That's when I got mad.  Again.

The sales manager doesn't seem to understand why I'm so angry.  Maybe because the customer service was horrible from the minute I told you I was coming in to buy a car?  And oh of your employees stole my financial information.  As a result, I had to close all my bank accounts and open new accounts at another bank.  Which took a month to straighten out.  When I called and confronted the sales manager about the situation, he told me I was "jumping to conclusions." Really?  Now, I can't get my tags.  Somehow, I'm the one with a bad attitude.

The sales manager has tried to make up for it.  He offered to deliver my temporary tags to DC and a host of other things. Thanks buddy but at this point, it's too late. Maybe if that type of customer service had been offered from the get-go, I'd be more amenable.  




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