livin’ for the weekend


I've been living for weekends lately.  I'm not sure why. I haven't been doing anything exciting but there's always this sense of relief when Friday arrives.  It should be the opposite since I work on the weekends. Some how, I'm still stuck on that 9-5, Monday-Friday schedule even though I haven't worked those hours for YEARS.  Strange.

The week was productive.  Signed a listing agreement (fist pump), met a new client at the Batter Bowl Bakery (above) where I had an excellent ham and cheese croissant, waiting to hear if a client is going to make an offer (fingers crossed), went to my first rolfing appointment, had dinner with the girls and my husband is on the mend.  It's been a great week! 

A few things that caught my fancy:

This detox tea is yummy.  I bet you never thought you'd see the words "detox" and "yummy" in the same sentence.

I'm seriously impressed with Emily Henderson's progress on her new house.  I wish everyone had her vision when they encounter a fixer upper.

This DC house is sick.  Check out the virtual tour for the crazy wallpaper (definitely a $1000 a yard) in the foyer.  WHOA.

Makeover your kitchen in 5 easy steps.

I helped a friend pick out some lights for her house and it was  Isn't this perfect for an entry way? 


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