izakaya seki


What the heck is izakaya seki?  The newest restaurant to hit my 'hood.  I've been watching the transformation of the space for months and I'm thrilled to have another new, interesting destination off U St. 

Located at 1117 V St, NW in a coverted barber shop, izakaya seki is the brain child of Hiroshi Seki and his daughter Cizuki Seki.  They relocated from the Midwest to DC in order to produce authentic Japanese food for a more appeciative audience.   

My first experience was excellent. The food was flavorful and delicious.  My husband and I sampled the mero (sea bass) grilled with miso, the uni starter (confession: my husband ate this..I'm not an uni fan.  he said it was amazing), the kyona salad (arugla, mizuna, egg and tuna shavings), the hamachikama (grilled yellow tail jaw), and the kalbi (beef short ribs).  The service was fantastic. We sat at the downstairs bar and watched the chefs in action, which is always entertaining. This will definitely be on our rotation of favorite neighborhood stops.  



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