Kapnos, Mike Isabella's new restaurant, opened last week.  I was curious about the latest addition to his restaurant empire and the newest place to dine in the 'hood. My husband and I went Wednesday night. 

The interior is lovely and I can see myself enjoying a cocktail at the bar.  The food is a work in progress. I knew this was a risk.  All new restaurants need a few weeks to work out the kinks and Kapnos is no different. While there were several stand out dishes, a few were bland.Kapnos-food

The format is small dishes and we ordered a wide array of mezze.  The dishes I enjoyed the most were the keftedes (zucchini fritters) and the revithosalata (hummus), the farm house vegetable salad, the grilled asparagus with sun dried tomatoes and lemon rind and the suckling pig.  The poached cod, braised cauliflower and fava bean dishes were not my favorites.  I still can't pinpoint exactly why I didn't like them.  Compared to the rest of the dishes, which were flavorful, these three were lifeless.  

Regardless, I'll go back.  Our service was impeccable and the wine/cocktail list was interesting.  Out of the dishes we sampled, the majority were excellent. Kapnos is a welcome addition to the neighborhood dining options.


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