Let the count down begin…

Christmas treeAre you ready for the holiday madness?  I'm not.  I can't seem to muster up much excitement. I'm hosting my White Elephant party for girls next week.  Perhaps that will jump start events for me.  

Meanwhile, I'm racking my brains for interesting gift ideas. There are a plethora of gift guides and I've found a few surprises that will be jolly.  Of course, I can't reveal them until after the holidays.

I have put up my Christmas tree. As you can see, that doesn't require a lot of effort.  Every year I think "I should add to decorating scheme."  Every year I decide "na..I'll save the ideas for my parents house."  There are many potential projects that have caught my eye.  I can't wait to put a few in motion.  I bet that will put me in the holiday spirit!


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