Life in the Fast Lane

Last week, I was living life in the fast lane.  I made an offer, received an offer, finalized details on another offer and had a deal blow up.  I showed property, did two home inspections and hosted a baby shower for a good friend at my house.  (I had you really think I'm that good?? PLEASE.)  I also prepped our house for the installation of our new hardwood floors.  It's only been nine months since the flood from a fire in our building damaged our condo but who's counting??  In addition to all that craziness, I had a friend from Holland staying with us because he got stuck in DC due to volcanic ash.  Needless to say, I didn't have time to update my blog.  I had a thought flit through my mind mid week and then was swamped again. 

As I mentioned two weeks ago, the Spring season has started in earnest and things are moving!  I'm happy to report that 1727 R St, NW went under contract.  I'm also happy to report, my poor, suffering short sale buyer found something else and we ratified.  Whoppee!  We were under contract for SIX MONTHS for his first deal, the short sale, and it blew up because the seller didn't like the banks terms.  I am unhappy to report that 4009 Cole Blvd., SE is the deal that blew up.  The buyer had financing issues.  That's two contracts that haven't worked out.  I'm not happy.  Not to mention, a lot of precious time was wasted for no good reason.  I won't go into further detail or you'll get to experience a large scale rant.  I'm trying desperately to stay positive.  Yahoo. 

I'll be more diligent about updating the blog this week.  I should actually have time to form a thought or two.  Maybe I'll even record them.  Although living in the fast lane last week was exhausting, I'm always happy to be busy.  Busy=business. 


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