living room update

living-room-rugSlowly but surely, my living room is coming together.  The first major purchase was the rug and people, it’s gorgeous.  It changes the entire character of the room and I LOVE it.  There was a major freak out about the size.  This bad boy is 10′ x 14′ and my living room is an odd shape.  First, I tried it one way. Then another.  Eventually I realized I need to re-imagine the entire room. I needed to leave my preconceived notions of how it looks now and imagine what it’s going to look like in the future.  It took a minute.  There was *a little* panic because I wasn’t sure if I could return the rug if it was too big.  Thankfully it all worked out.

The next step is ordering the couch.  I’ve decided what I want but not the color.  Originally, I was thinking a grey couch with blue undertones would work. It doesn’t.  Stay tuned!


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