Lonny Magazine launches in October

Last week, I told you about my obsession with Domino magazine. I was crushed when it folded and the extra Glamour issues I received instead didn't lessen the pain. I don't like Dwell (why is their layout so bad? I can never tell if I'm looking at a feature or an ad. Is that on purpose?) and the other design magazines are too complicated. I enjoy flipping the pages but I've never utilized any ideas in my own home. On the flip side, I actually used a lot of the ideas I saw in Domino. Where do you think I got the idea for our recycled aluminum back splash??

Well I have exciting news..one of the ex-editors from Domino is launching a new on-line magazine called Lonny on October 1st. Hopefully it will be chock full of cute ideas that I can steal…um..interpret..in my place.


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