make over!

It's amazing what reupholstering can achieve.  

These chairs were originally my Nana's and covered in pink velvet.  When I moved to the DC, my Mom had them recovered in the cream fabric.  They were in my living room and when we moved into this condo, I placed them in the master bedroom.  I used them to hang laundry (hence the black marks on the chair to the right), chat on the phone, and to stage listings.  As the years passed, they became dingy. It was time for a change.  

Todd Ezrin of TOBE Design Group helped me with the process.  (He recently helped revamp our condo building decor and it's stunning.)  Based on the info I provided, he brought over several fabric samples and I picked one.

I knew I wanted the chairs to be recovered in a neutral but I was tired of the cream color. Grey is my new favorite neutral.  I thought a silver tone would work best for future rooms and possible staging. I picked a fabric from Pindler & Pindler.  The pattern is Sorrento and the color is silver.    

I am thrilled with the change and they look wonderful in the bedroom.  The reupholsterer added a new seat cushion and a tiny lumbar pillow.  All I need now is tiny pillow to add a pop of color or possibly some curtains and my bedroom will finally be completed.  



  1. These look crazy comfortable! I bet you fall asleep within like half a minute of sitting in them.

  2. they’re amazing and yes..very comfortable

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