Masa 14

Masa 14 opened a couple of weeks ago to much ado on the 14th St. Corridor.  They had a big launch party, they hosted "The Satorialist" book signing party, etc. etc.  So yea.  It's definitely a cool spot.

I love a new restaurant and I like to try new places in the 'hood.  Some stick, some don't.  This place will definitely remain on my rotation. 

Not only do I *LOVE* the extra long bar, the food is amazing.  I had my doubts.  Asian/Latino fusion??  There's been some baaaaaddddd restaurants that tried that concept. (Mercado, anyone?)  But Sandoval and Okachi do a great job melding the two flavor profiles. My current favorite:  serrano ham flatbread with arugula, lime, goat cheese and cantalope.  Sounds like a lot of ingrediants, doesn't it?  It's a perfect bite and it's heavenly. 

Next time you're strolling down 14th St. in search of a bite or a cocktail, give it a whirl. 


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