More development for 14th St, NW

As I've said repeatedly, I love my 'hood. I do tend to get *a little* excited when good things are coming my way. This is no exception! ( A new condo building is going to replace the Whitman-Walker clinic on the corner of 14th and S St, NW. They'd like to build 120-130 units. We'll see what actually gets approved. Best of all, the developers are in talks with various prospects like a drugstore, grocery store or a restaurant! Yipee! Options. I like options. Can you tell I'm more excited about the retailers than the condos?

BTW-I have to give a shout out to DC Mud. It is an amazing blog with a comprehensive list of the development happening in the DC Metro area. If you want to be in the know, bookmark their blog. (And mine, of course.) My last post was based on one of their blurbs and so is this one.


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