More development in Shaw

I've mentioned in past posts that a lot of development is coming to the area directly around the Shaw/Howard Metro stop. Howard Theatre is getting revamped. The old Wonder Bread factory, TV One Headquarters and the O St. Market are going up soon. The Howard Town Centre is breaking ground and the flea market at 9th and U St. is being redeveloped by Washington Metro Transit Authority. Not to mention the 45,000 square foot YMCA being built on 14th and W. Big things for the hood!

The latest is a new group of condos (picture at left) named Stella Polaris Condos at 1910 8th St, NW. They're currently under construction and approaching completion fast. There's 5 units, each will be 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and they're approximately 1,100 square feet. Initial pricing is from 300K-500K. For more information, read the DC MUD post below:


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