must do: seasonal pantry supper club

I'd been hearing interesting things about Seasonal Pantry, a speciality food shop in Shaw that's a "tribute to road side farm stands and old fashioned markets", for months.  Friends have raved about their prepared foods. In the evening, the store converts to a supper club Wednesday-Saturdays.   The concept of a supper intrigues me.  It's an intimate dinner for 12 served in the middle of the shop.   You make reservations two weeks before the date you want to go and the chef, Dan O'Brien, serves one menu.  You can book the entire table for a private event or up to four seats on a regular night.   I booked two seats Wednesday night for my husband's birthday.

I didn't take any photos of the food because I didn't want to be "that" girl.  I really regret that impulse because it was an amazing dinner and I wish I had photographic evidence of the loveliness we ingested.  We were a little nervous about sitting with a bunch of strangers for several hours but it proved to be enjoyable.  They have carafes of red and white wine.  The night we were there, they were serving a French burgundy and a French chardonnay. The menu was pescetarian.  

We started with a chestnut soup course served in baby le cruset dutch ovens.  I love good presentation.  Then we had the greens and beans course which was a four different type of lettuces, pickled shallots and beans and a divine lemon confit dressing.  Next was a shrimp dish with julienned apples, roasted sunchokes and hazelnuts. It was followed by a bowl of the ravioli del plin.  For the life of me, I can't remember the ingredients of the ravioli.  It was flavorful, served in a brodo with perfect miniature cubes of carrots and celery.  (It's safe to assume I'd had too much wine at this point.  Ditto for my husband.)  The last course was a deconstructed fish pie:  pan seared hogfish topped with a piece of puff pastry. Yum. There were two (!) dessert courses.  A thimbleful of the best lemon curd I've ever eaten with brulee-d homemade fluff.  It was followed by a jar of goodness: a layered grapefruit dessert with granita, bite sized cakes, and chunks of grapefruit. To top off the meal, we were given a chocolate chip cookie to go.  It was a fantastic meal.  Book your seats now! 

top photo and lower right photo via Seasonal Pantry FB page.  lower left photo my own.



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