my favorite brunch spots


DC is a town that loves to brunch. A lot folks go for the boozy brunch were you can drink bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s.  My focus is on the food and I have a handful of favorites.  You’ll notice most are in my ‘hood or within walking distance.  When I don’t have to work, I like to leave the car at home and enjoy the city on foot.  Enjoy!

MarvinMarvin’s brunch menu is concise but it has a number of yummy options. The chicken and waffle is one of my husband’s favorites.  I like the huevos rancheros (homemade tortillas..nom nom) or the egg sandwich on a waffle bun.’s as good as it sounds.

Pearl-dive-exterior-500One thing I love about Pearl Dive’s brunch is their insane homemade donuts. They change daily and they’re always delicious. I’m also partial to the scrambled eggs and cayenne grits. My husband’s favorite is the eggs benedict with the country ham.

Le diplmoate ex2Brunch at Le Diplomate is fun.  It’s crazy crowded but there’s no where better place to swill rosé and people watch.  My favorite is the Niçoise salad (only available at brunch) that features a confit tuna.  I could eat it everyday. Another delicious choice is the daily quiche.

The dinerBrunch at the Diner isn’t fancy.  It’s loud and hectic. However, if you want a straight forward dish of scrambled eggs and toast, this is the place to go.  They also have some of the best pancakes in town which is why I always go back.



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