my visit to modern mobler (and my new chair!)

modern-moblerIn between appointments on Sunday, I drove to Kensington, MD and went to Modern Mobler.  What’s Modern Mobler?  A vintage furniture store that “specializes in Mid-Century Modern and Danish Modern furnishings..all [the] pieces are vintage, primarily from the 1950’s-1970’s.”

Why to did I drive to the Kensington store when they have a location at 7313 Georgia Ave NW? The Kensington store had a Plycraft Eames style lounger that caught my eye. I wanted to test the chair’s comfort factor and decide if it was going to be the latest addition to my living room.


I’ve wanted to check out Modern Mobler for months but finding time for a visit with the Spring buying/selling season wasn’t in the cards. When I arrived, I found a charming store, chock full of beautiful furniture. Their inventory is impressive. If my house wasn’t already fully furnished, there were several pieces I would’ve taken home. If you’re looking for unique items for your home, Modern Mobler should be on your shopping list.

cabinetThe best part?  The chair!!  It’s exactly what I wanted and I bought it! Even though it’s in excellent shape, I intend to reupholster it.  I don’t do beige or nubby fabric.  Nonetheless, it’s fantastic and I can’t wait to enjoy the “improved” version.




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