neighborhood guide: mid-city

Some people would say designating "mid-city" as a neighborhood is silly.  To me, it makes perfect sense.  It's mid-way between Logan Circle and U St. Corridor on 14th St, NW and it has a distinct personality.  It's chock full of interesting, independent stores and restaurants that have anchored the area long before it became a popular destination.

SHOP at Vastu  and Miss Pixie's.  Vastu offers modern and contemporary furniture.  That includes Knoll.  I'm obsessed with all things Knoll.  Miss Pixie's is full of treasures:  vintage furniture, glass ware, paintings and as Miss Pixie says "whatnot".   

EAT at Pearl Dive  and St. Ex.  Pearl Dive is one of my weekly fave's.  I have a standing Friday lunch date (the only day they're open for lunch) with a revolving cast of characters.  The food is delicious. Plus, they serve homemade donuts.  Yum. St. Ex. has been a neighborhood fixture for years.  You can always get a great burger or a fried green tomato sandwich or a scrumptious homemade muffin at brunch.  

DRINK at Cork Wine Bar and Black Jack.  Cork offers 50 wines by the glass and a number of delectable small plates.  Black Jack has 2 indoor bocce courts. Enough said.  



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