neighborhood guide: shaw

Shaw is one of those neighborhoods that's been developing for the last ten years. The recession halted most of the construction plans slated for the area.  As cash for building projects started to flow again, construction cranes have sprouted and Shaw has a new look full of restaurants, retail, condos and apartments.

SHOP at Darryl Carter and Simon Vintage.  The stores offer completely different furnishings and accessories which is why they're so fun.  Darryl Carter is refined and spare.  Simon Vintage is a riot of vintage furniture that needs a little love.

EAT at Table and SUNdeVICH.  Table is one of the few DC restaurants that offers farm to table meals successfully.  SUNdeVICH produces delicious sandwiches and salads made with locally sourced ingredients. 

DRINK at A&D and The Columbia Room.  A&D looks and feels like a dive but offers wonderful cocktails and bar food.  The Columbia Room is a small, reservations only bar within a bar, serving innovative classic cocktails.  It's hidden in a back room at The Passenger (another fab place to grab a drink).  


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