New Design Inspiration: Angela Adams

My obsession started last week when I got my weekly Daily Candy Deals email about 30% off at Angela Adams.  Although I love all that's patterned and bright, I'd never heard of Angela Adams.  The photo above intrigued me.  I checked her website and instantly wanted multiple items.  I'm currently NOT shopping so I filed it away for another day.
Therefore I was pleasantly suprised to read a feature about Angela Adams in the Coastal Living March 2011 issue later that week.  (Unfortunately the article is only in the print version of the magazine. No online link. Boo.)  I'm not a frequent reader of Coastal Living but my Mom enjoys it.  She knows my love of graphics and showed me the article.  Above is a photo from her living room.  Can you see why I'm captivated? 
As I was researching this post, I found lots of Angela Adams info.  Design Sponge is also a fan and they have many links about her and her designs.  Click here (link about her new wall art), here (podcast about her background) and here (more photos of her house since the Coastal Living article isn't online) for various posts.   
*photos courtsey of Daily Candy DC and Coastal Living 

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