Momofuko-in-my-mouth3Although it might appear that I just cussed you, I didn't.  Momofuku is the name of a fantastic group of restaurants in New York City by David Chang.  My husband feels like Chang is a kindred spirit.   Each visit to NYC, we try to hit one (or all) of his places.

This trip we went to Chang's new bar booker and dax on Friday night for an apertivo.  We each had interesting cocktails but the favorite of the evening was called "lady of the night".  It was resposada tequila, tomato water, horseradish, sriracha and worchestire.  It tasted like the lightest, spiciest, tastiest bloody mary you've ever experienced.  My husband is now plotting how to concoct tomato water at home.  

On Saturday night, we went to momofuku noodle bar for a ramen fix.  We shared an order of pork buns (picture one) and they were amazing.  Made with pork belly, cucumbers and scallions, they are a slice of heaven.   Then we each had a bowl of delicious ramen.  He had the special: hand cut noodles with beef shank (picture two).  I had the classic momofuko version with pork belly, pork shoulder and a poached egg. It was just as delicious as it sounds.

Each time we visit a momofuku joint, we have an amazing meal.  Give it a try next time you're in NYC or give it your best shot at home.   Chang published a cookbook a couple years ago and now sells two of his classic sauces at William Sonoma.      


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