Not feelin’ it

After the hurly burly of the last couple of weeks, I feeling a little blah today.  It could be because I'm having an allergic reaction to something and my face looks like the main character from "Mask."  I'm wondering how it's going to impact my client meetings this week.  "Why yes! Of course I can help you find the house of your dreams!  Please excuse the strange swelling on the left side of my face." 

Actually, I went to the doctor today and got a prescription for a steroid.  Not only is it swollen and red but it's itchy.  Lovely.  My allergies were really bad last week and I used some eye drops.   The drops did wonders for my eye and the redness but not so much for the rest of my face.  I love having sensitive skin.  I'm truly turning into my Mom who is allergic to everything.  Thanks Mom! 

All kidding aside, I'm sure it'll be fine by this weekend and my client meetings.  It's shaping up to be a busy weekend.  Meanwhile, I'm going to lay low until the steroid takes effect and try not to scratch my face off.  


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