Not so hunky dory

Sorry for the lack of posts but the last week and half has been nuts.  I went home to NC to see my people which was hectic.  I visited a lot of family and managed to remain healthy although my folks were sick.  I celebrated my birfday and received some kick ass gifts like the new Jonathan Adler books and a really cool digital Harinezumi camera/recorder.

Work has been crazy which is unusual for this time of year…but welcome!  My listing on 11th St. is closing today (fingers crossed as the lender package STILL isn't there and we're supposed to close at 3) so work is good.

I also got a shot to the spine today.  Remember my post about my bad back?  Unfortunately, it's persisted.  Today, I went to a "pain management" clinic.  Let's just say this hasn't been the best day and yea..I'm not so hunky dory.  Hopefully in the next couple of days, I'll rebound and have more positive things to report. 


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