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Novel-novels-juneFor my trip to Barbados, I stocked up on novels.  Long flight + beach time = non stop reading.  I took six books and my two favorites were the new novels by Stephen King and John Irving.

The Wind Through the Keyhole is the latest in The Dark Tower series.   It was a fast read and I quickly re-acquainted myself with Roland and his band.  It wasn't as scary as I expected but it was definitely strange. I loved every word.  I've decided to re-read the entire series.  It's been over twenty years since I read the first novel, The Gunslinger and I can't wait!

John Irving's characters are always unique.  The protagonist of In One Person is William, a young bisexual man who's attracted to transgender women.  This won't be a novel for everyone due to the subject.  However, the best part of John Irving's novels is his exploration of his characters imperfections.  It's a funny, well written, emotional, weird and complicated.  My kind of novel. 


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