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What have you been doing while it snows?  I've been reading and it's been fantastic.  Yesterday, I read two books and began another.  I know.  I read fast. That's why I go to the library.  My two favorites of late?  Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen and Splendour Falls by Susanna Kearsley.  I've been waiting for MONTHS for these two to be published.  

Lost Lake is a beautiful book.  I'm a huge fan of Sarah Addison Allen's magical novels and this one is no different.  The characters are well developed and the story moves quickly.  It's about love, loss and second chances.  

Splendour Falls is set in Chinon, France.  It's about treasure and history.  I find all of Susanna Kearsley's book interesting and this proved to be the case again.  

What are you reading?


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