oh joy! workshop

On Monday afternoon, I took a quick road trip (up and back) to Philly for a blog workshop by Joy Cho of oh joy!
Although I've done tons of research on blogging and what makes one successful, I've wanted "hands on" advice to make this blog more polished.  I love the aesthetic of oh joy! and she is very successful.  It sounded like a win win situation to me.   

Joy had a lot of good advice.  My two biggest "light bulb" moments?  I need to learn Photoshop *stat* and I need to get my cameras working again.  My blackberry and my husband's iphone cameras aren't good enough.

Cards galore

Overall, it was a fantastic experience.  The room was brimming with people with interesting ideas.  Look at those cards…creativity everywhere. 

I also had a quick glimpse of my cousin Josh, who lives in Philly.  You might remember me mentioning him in this post.  Nice man that he is, he brought me a delicious turkey, brie and caramelized onion sandie from Termini Bros. (holy Italian cookies! *swoon*) plus this lovely confection below.  Wasn't that thoughtful?  I brought an apple for dinner.  Needless to say, my sandie and chocolate/cashew treat were tastier than the apple. 

Termini brothers chocolate cashew confection

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