Oliver Dunn

Oliver-dunnGeorgetown is full of adorable stores that I never visit.  I love DC and my fatal flaw is that I don't explore enough.

Recently, I've decided I'm replacing the slipcovers on my couch.  I love my couches:  they're comfy and seat a lot of people.  I'm less enthralled with the color. Hence the hunt for new slipcovers.  Currently, they're rust.  I want grey.  The only store that sells the type of slipcovers for my couch in DC is Oliver Dunn in Georgetown.  

It's adorable.  It's full of trinkets like jewelry, glass wares, and desk accessories. There's also loads of antiques which are fantastic on a whole other level.  

The most interesting fact is that there's 3 co-owners in one store.  That's why it has 3 names.  The store was originally opened by Jackie Dunn 19 years ago. When Jackie was pregnant with her second child, she was placed on bed rest for several months. That's how Moss & Co. and Catherine Roberts became involved. The collaboration of the three makes an eclectic, interesting spot for home furnishings.  


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