party prep

Throwing parties is one of my favorite things to do.  Pulling together the details for last weekend's baby shower was a ton of fun and here's how I did it.   

For the decorations, I hung poofs from the ceiling in various places around the house.  As you can see, there were tons of them!  They're a total pain to make and each time I use them, I swear. A lot.  But the effect is adorable.

I used custom cocktail napkins that said "Cheers!" with a gold chevron design. I also designed gold and green m&m's that had baby bottles and "cheers!" on them. In hindsight, the gold m&m's kind of sucked.  They were not sparkly as they were portrayed on the website.  I'll stick to solid colors in the future.  

The party favors were my favorite!  They were striped gift bags with pistachio macaroons.  Yum.  

Last but not least was the photo booth.  I purchased the props from Etsy (yes, you can make these yourselves but I have no patience for that stuff) and the gold photo booth background at Party City.  

See why I'm bummed I forgot to take pictures??  

PS-A big thank you to all the hosts.  It wouldn't have been possible without you.  Especially Mr. Riguzzi who patiently helped me hang the poof for hours.  


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