perfect towels


Last weekend, all of my first cousins on the Angotti side visited DC for a cousins reunion. Initially, only the cousins were supposed to attend but then it evolved into a full fledge mini Angotti reunion.  One of my cousins is having a baby (the first Angotti baby!). The parents-to-be had a baby shower and all of the uncles attended.  It was a ton of fun to see everyone and get together for such a happy occasion.  One of the perks of semi-organizing the event was hosting some of my cousins.  They always bring me the nicest gifts even though it’s totally unnecessary.  This time they brought these amazing Japanese towels.  I want them for every bathroom.  They’re absorbent with a smooth finish on one side and terry cloth on the other.  How stinkin’ cute are they??? Perfect for my new bathroom.  They purchased mine at Morihata in Philly.  The e-commerce site is called Rikumo. The towels come in a lot of colors but the blues were my favorite.


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