Pho’-licious part deux

There's nothing better than a steaming bowl of pho on a cold, wintry day.   The latest DC additions to Pho 14 and Nam Viet is Pho DC.  I saw some press on Metrocurean so I had to give it a whirl. 

Located in Chinatown, it's an easy Metro from U St.  (That's right..I do leave my 'hood for good food.)  My first visit was the week after Christmas.  I walked in at lunch time and it was jammed.  I had to wait about 15 minutes before I grabbed a seat at the bar.  It's a long, narrow attractive space with simple lines.  The decor matters but really, it's all about the broth.  I had the beef pho and I loved it.  It wasn't gristly lumps of meat floating in a oily slick.  Instead, the broth was clear and nicely flavored.  The noodles were yummy and the meat was substantial.  It was delicious. 

It was also tasty my second visit.  The service is a little shaky but it just opened.  The staff is very attentive but there always seems to be a little confusion about who is getting what.  As with all new restaurants, it takes a few weeks for everything to coalesce.  I have high hopes for this place! 


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  1. Hey Jen. So glad u liked pho DC. Scott Lee is actually part owner. We tried it out just after it opened.

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