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I like photos and I take a lot of pictures for this blog.  I also enjoy documenting various occasions and moments plus images that catch my fancy.

As you know from this post, I received a new camera for my birthday.  It's a "toy" camera from Japan and takes super, saturated color photos or slightly blurry black and whites.  All from that teeny, tiny camera.  (It fits in my palm.)

When I saw that DCist was accepting submissions for their annual DCist Exposed Photography Show, I decided to enter two photos.  I doubt they'll be chosen.  I don't know a thing about composition.  But why not?  It cost $5 and took 5 minutes.  To the left is my first photo.  It's a portion of the Berlin Wall in the Newseum.  I took it with my Harinezumi.

The other picture I submitted is a bocche score board from the Baltimore Little Italy courts.  The contrast of the brick and concrete with the rustic sign appeals to me.

So far over 300 photographs have been submitted.  The deadline is 1/12/11.  The exhibit opens March 15th at Longview Gallery and runs to March 27th.


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  1. Anonymous

    Great photos. Good luck!

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