Piola, the international Italian pizza chain, opened in May at 2208 14th St, NW. Although I'm not a fan of chains, I can't resist pizza.  Especially pizza that's three blocks from my house.  My husband and I went for lunch a few weeks ago.

The food was great.  Everything was very fresh and flavorful.  I had a salad with grilled chicken and fresh mozzarella.  My husband got a pizza with Italian sausage.  He thought the pizza could have been baked a little longer to get a crisper crust.  There was a lot of complaining on his end about this..I didn't think it was so bad. However, I think Piola was suffering in comparison to our most recent experience at Etto.  Therefore, I don't know if we are giving a Piola a fair chance.  Etto is 1000 times better, in our opinion.  However, it's only open in the evening and it's hard to get a seat.  For a quick lunch or dinner, we'd go back to Piola.  Regardless, I'm happy there's another decent option in our 'hood.  



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