Price Reduction on 1221 Harvard St., NW

I'm back from the beach and it was lovely. I really, really wasn't ready to head home. But I'm back and I hit the road running.

As I mentioned in a previous post, in real estate, if you're going on vacation you instantly get busy. While I was at the beach, I had an offer on one of my listings and I had to deal with a home inspection (HI) contingency. The offer didn't work out but the HI contingency did..yea! I also had a ton of traffic on 2120 Vermont Ave, #319. Serious buyers look on holidays people..remember that!

Anyway, 1221 Harvard St…we've reduced the prices by 25K on each unit. That means Unit 2 is now $624,725 and Unit 1 is $573,765. I'm holding them Open Sunday 7/12 from 1:30-4pm. Stop by if you're interested..they are very, very nice. Especially at these price points.

More news: my hubby caught a 27" red drum while we were at the beach! It was quite the catch. It was also good eating. We're also doggie sitting my parents pup Bella. She is a trip. City living with a dog is really, really interesting. I'll save those thoughts for my next post.


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