all purpose does not disappoint!


Over the holidays, I finally went to All Purpose.  The pizzeria in Shaw has had a lot of good press and Tom Sietsema said it was his #1 restaurant in DC.


My husband and I went for lunch and we shared a roasted squash and apple salad and each had a pizza.  I really enjoyed the salad of red endive, carrots, apple, celery and radish atop the roasted butternut squash.


My husband went for the DIY pie and got pepperoni.  He said it was better than 2 Amy’s and in the DC pizza world, that’s the highest compliment you can receive.

I had the gluten free pizza with pepperoni.  There’s no photo because gluten free pizza is sad. Dairy is out for me too so it’s just dough and pepperoni.  Who wants to see that?  As for the pizza itself, it was OK. I don’t know if I’d go back for it. However, gluten free pizza is hard and the whole place shouldn’t be judged on this one category.  I’ve only found ONE decent gluten free pizza in all of DC.

Overall, I’d go back for the antipasti and because everyone else will enjoy a fantastic pizza.

Located at 1250 9th St, NW. WDC 20001.  202-849-6174



  1. Kaitlyn Williams

    I came across your post while looking for gluten free pizza! I didn’t know All Purpose had gluten free but now I’m curious what the ONE decent gluten free pizza is! Please tell!

    • Hi Kaitlyn! I like All Purpose the best out of the gluten free pizza’s in the city. Try it!

      • Jen, did you mean to say that All Purpose is your favorite gluten free pizza in DC above? Your article seems to suggest otherwise! Would love to know your top choices!

        • Hi Lyssa! All Purpose is not my favorite gluten free pizza. It was at the time I posted that review. My first two gf pizza’s there were really good. My 3rd was “meh.” I haven’t been back. I liked Declaration’s gluten free pizza for a long time and it too has gone down hill a bit. A great gluten free pizza is hard to find! Right now, my two favorites are &Pizza (I surprise!) and Timber Pizza Co. I just tried the gf Timber Pizza last night and I was impressed. It’s hard to impress family used to own a pizza joint. Which are your favorite GF pizzas?

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