Real Estate Round Up

1905 - 1917 newest
DC MUD reports the project at 14th and Wallach St, NW is submitting revised plans to HPRB. Hopefully, this version will be approved.

Having a hard time figuring out interest rates and points?  Urban Turf  offers an explanation.  As I've stated many times, your lender makes or breaks your real estate transaction.  It's essential to have a grasp of how lending works. 

Don't understand your homeowners insurance policy?  The Washington Post presents tips on deciphering your coverage.  This is another essential when purchasing a home. Make sure you have enough coverage for natural disasters (hello earthquake and hurricane) plus day to day issues.  

Are there two housing markets in the for the rich and one for the poor?  The Huffington Post explores the disparity between the average buyer and the luxury buyer.  

*rendering courtesy of DC MUD


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