Real Estate Roundup

Back to the grind.  This round up focuses on financing.  New and proposed financing rules are changing the purchasing landscape.  This does not bode well for the real estate industry and will make my job (more!) difficult.  *long sigh*. 

Rates are low but if you're looking to refinance, find out the new rules.  "Changes in Refinancing" via The NY Times.

Discrimination against women much?  This makes me so angry.  "Pregnancy, maternity leave vex lenders" from The Washington Post.

Oh come on!  This plus 20% down?  Put me out of my misery now.  "Federal housing proposal would toughen debt restrictions on mortgages" courtesy of The Washington Post.

Based on the stories above, sellers as lenders will become the norm again.  "When the Seller is the Lender" by The New York Times.


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