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Organized office
Today, I'm organizing my home office.  I'm pretty together but lately, piles of paper have been littering every surface in my office.  It drives me crazy.  I have a great set up..a huge desk/Elfa system but somehow it's still not functional.  The office was also repainted last week and it's the perfect opportunity to throw stuff out.  Like Windows programs from 2007.  Manuals for appliances I no longer own. Computer disks and CD's.  I also bought a new micro shredder.  I've always been a shredder because I'm crazy like that.  I will be crazier as a result of the bank fraud. Hence the micro shredder.  I'm can't wait to plug in that bad boy and shred stuff. It's so satisfying.  I'm hoping the final result will be simliar to this guys office. We shall see.


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