riveting rooms

Over the weekend, I visited a friend at her new house.  She's mid-decorate and full of ideas which is always fun.  

That day she had purchased a wood dining room table.  For one side, she aquired a bench.  She didn't buy the rest of the matching chairs because she wanted to mix it up.  That's where she hit a road block. What type of chair? Leather?  Metal?  A different wood? Lucite?

These are two of my favorite examples of how to mix different types of chairs with a classic wooden table.  I love the photo on the right.  

In my opinion, an upholsterd chair on the ends plus metal chairs opposite the bench would work.  You need to be comfortable when you dine.  I wonder what she'll buy?!


photo on left: design sponge.  photo on right:  design sponge.


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  1. i cannot wait to find out what she’ll buy!!

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