riveting rooms

As I type, the kitchen has been commandeered by my Uncle and Dad.  They are knee deep in Christmas Eve party prep:  making pepperoni rolls, breading the fish to fry, making lasagna and squid soup. I'm in the living room..out of the way.  

The mantel and house are finally decorated.  As you can see, I went with the red and white straw wreath that I featured last week.  It was an easy DIY project that I still managed to screw up.  The bow is hiding a few things.  Camouflage is key.  

I also entered the mantel in a mantel styling contest on Emily Henderson's blog. I don't usually enter contests but I thought "Why not"?  It's pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  What if I win? Wouldn't that be rad?  VOTE for it here.  Voting is open till the 31st.  I will be repeating this often.  Get ready.

I spent the weekend seeing a friends, hanging with my Mom and Aunt, visiting with my husband's family and checking out new (to me) places in Raleigh.   Until later this week, Happy Holidays!

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