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Fancy-mirrorsNext on my home improvement agenda is updating my master bath light fixture and mirror.  After the endless spackling in the guest bath, I determined another round mirror was not an option.  Seeking inspiration, I began gazing at bathroom images.  I was leaning towards a square mirror (less work) but concluded that was boring.  After a lot of contemplation, I decided an octagon might be interesting. That led to my discovery of the quaterfoil mirror and finally..I had a winner.  

Finding a quaterfoil mirror that fits the space and my budget was a challenge.  My favorite was from Restoration Hardware but it cost over $700. After a lot of searching, I found one from Lowe's that seemed like it should work. Except the closest Lowe's is somewhere in MD and the delivery fee was $75 (!). So I called my Dad, who loves Lowe's and goes once a week.  Being the nice guy that he is, off he went to collect it.  He going to ship it to me this week.

My next dilemma was the light fixture.  A quaterfoil mirror is a traditional shape. My bathroom is modern. How was I going to mix a modern light fixture with a traditional mirror?  All the photos I'd pulled for inspiration showed scones.  My light fixture is mounted above the mirror. *sigh*  This is why people hire interior designers.  After considering ten different light fixtures, I found one that mimics the shape of our Moen faucet.  It's sleek yet simple.  Hopefully, it will look as fantastic as I've imagined.  

Master-bath1.light fixture  2. mirror

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