sailing in the chesapeake bay

Sailing-adventureI love adventures.  It makes life interesting.  My latest was a sailing cruise in the Chesapeake Bay. 

My husband and I went to Annapolis last weekend and booked a 2 hour cruise on a 72 foot schooner named the Woodwind.  We had a gorgeous day: sunny but not too hot.  We took the early cruise from 10-12 and there were probably about 25 people on the schooner.  In the summer, they have 4 cruises a day.  As the summer wanes, they go to 3 cruises a day.  

We sat towards the front of the boat and enjoyed the views of the Bay Bridge and a few sailing races.  We indulged in a couple of adult beverages (what?  it was happy hour somewhere) and enjoyed the breeze.  It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend it.  


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