San Francisco

It rained…a lot.  Of course I picked the one weekend that CA was have torrential downpours, flooding and mudslides.  The weather sucked but it didn't stop us from enjoying the city.

I hadn't visited in 11 years.  My husband had never been to CA so we had fun exploring the various neighborhoods.  We adjusted our plans to less walking outside and hit more museums.  We checked out the SF Moma and the De Young.  We also ate ungodly amounts of good food.  The restaurant scene in SF is amazing!

The place that impressed me most was Ferry Plaza.  Ferry Plaza (view from Ferry Plaza shown above on the one sunny day of our trip) is an indoor farmer's market that always houses a certain number of vendors.  On the weekends it expands to outside as well.  It puts Eastern Market to shame.  I mean really DC..get OVER the stupid food rules!  Let us have decent food carts and an expanded, cooler Eastern Market.

This is the Roli Roti truck, one of the outdoor eating options on the weekend.  It was mob scene.   Are you looking at the porchetta???  It was insanely good.  This would be a HUGE hit here as well.  But mobile porchetta sandies for the DC crowds.

I did not have the opportunity to see any real estate while visiting SF.  It was too rainy to bop around various neighborhoods and look at price points.  I did read a great article in the SF Chronicle that said the average home price in SF is 715K.  I knew SF was as expensive as DC but DAMN.  Really expensive while situated on one of the biggest faults in the natural world?  I could live in SF but earthquakes scare me.  But so do terrorist attacks and I still live here.   

As always, it was good to get out of town.  I didn't have to work too much this mini vacation and that's always a bonus.  Both of the clients I mentioned in my last post ratified contracts.  Wahoo!  It's a great way to begin 2010.


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