satellite room

Last night, I walked across the street to newest Hilton Brothers venture, the Satellite Room.  First impression..this place rocks.

The decors is a mixture of industrial, Mexican kitsch and Mod.  The menu follows in the same vein.  There's 60's comfort food like meatloaf and fried chicken or you can order tacos with homemade tortillas.  As you can see from the photos above, my husband and I sampled the Cobb salad and the fried chicken.  We also had a boozy vanilla milkshake with bourbon (the Vincent Vega) for dessert. It.was.delicious.

I'm so pleased this place has good food.  Traditionally, the Hilton Brothers restaurants take a couple of weeks for the food to coalesce.  The Satellite Room has avoided the opening week hiccups.  I'd like to extend a big "welcome to the 'hood."  

The Satellite Room is located at 2047 9th St, NW, behind the 9:30 Club.  


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