saturday synopsis


My husband has gone to AC for a boys trip this weekend and it's been delightful. Don't get me wrong, I miss the guy.  But I LOVE having some time to myself.  I made a version of Cup of Jo's taco soup (sounds disgusting but it's so.damn.good). Last night, I watched Buckwild.  I know. I have an MTV addition that's kind of ridiculous at my age.  But it's so entertaining.  The TV hasn't been on today.  I have Miles Davis on Pandora. I'm doing all the nonsense I've been putting off forever (work included). I'm having dinner with a few girls tonight at Fiola. Tomorrow, I'm writing a contract and seeing a few clients.  Then I'm going to make Calabrese style pork ragu to welcome home my hung over, exhausted husband.  It's my perfect sort of weekend.


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