As you might have gathered, I'm having a rough couple of weeks.    

Lately, I've been contemplating packing my bags and high tailing it out here.  Why can't we move somewhere else and start fresh?

Then I remember I need to work and even if it's not perfect, real estate is a lucrative career.

So I'll turn my frown upside down.  

I'll go to early morning spin classes.  I'll dream of places I will travel.  I'll redo my bathrooms. I'll hang with my silly friends.  I'll laugh with them. I'll focus on my fab clients.  I'll try to get back to that positive place.   


photo: by my dad when I was in 6th grade and really unhappy he was interrupting my reading for a photo. (sheesh)



  1. Valerie

    you are such a cute little book worm!

  2. thanks val!

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