I can't get it together today.  My mind is going in a million directions because a million things are happening at once. 

I'm thinking about my closing today.  I'm ecstatic this deal is FINALLY closing because it's been the source of a lot of angst the last two weeks.  This is the fourth closing date.  Use your imagination.

I'm tying up loose ends on the offer I submitted yesterday.  My client told me he's pre-qualified with a lender (yea!) but I just found out that lender is in LA (boo).  The chances of him being licensed in DC are slim to none.  My client is from this area so I assumed the lender was local.  I should know better..never assume anything in this business.  He'll be fine because he's got oodles of assets.  Plus we have a financing contingency.  Unfortunately, that doesn't help me *right now*.  Start the scramble to get a new letter. 

I'm lamenting my computer crash last November because I lost all my email correspondence.  It's deadly in my world and now it's biting me in the *ss.   A client just emailed looking for a conversation from 9/10 about their house that's going to closing next month.  Tragically, all those emails are gone.  The files were recovered but not the emails.  *sigh*

I'm reflecting about my Dad's retirement.  Today is his last day of work.  Ever.  Isn't that exciting?? 

I'm musing about this weekend.  We're heading out of town for the holiday weekend.  Hip hip horaa! 

I'm brooding about the drive.  Due to the multiple changes of my closing date, we now have to leave with the hoi poi.  Bring on the road rage.

Happy Thursday!


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