Shamless Plug v. 2-Awards Ceremony

You might remember this lovely picture from my very first post. If not, here's the Murphy Team!

The Friendship Heights (FH) office (our office in Foggy Bottom is managed by FH) had their awards ceremony yesterday for 2008.

2008 was NOT a banner year for real estate but the team won some awards anyway.

In the Regional Awards, (DC/MD) we were the number #2 group in units sold. Considering the competition is L&F; offices with over 800 agents, that's impressive.

We also were the #4 group in the Region in gross commission sales. Again, this is really exciting!

I'd like to add that our Team wins awards every year. The Murphy Team has consistently been in the Regional Top 100 L&F; agents list for years. Another reason you should trust us with your real estate needs. We know what we're doing!


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