Snow Trance

This is what's happening outside of my window.  I'm really glad I'm not showing property!  In fact, I've been pretty content for the last several days to do nothing.  I have things to do.  I have a new listing hitting the market at the end of the month.  I could be inputting that into the MLS.  Unfortunately, the snow if putting me into a trance like state.  All I want to do is watch bad TV, read multiple novels, and eat warm foods like stew.  I haven't gotten *really* stir crazy yet because I've been able to work out every day.   
Of course, I've had to do work.  I FINALLY got some movement on my short sale that's been in the works for 4 months.  Yep.  4 months and STILL no approval letter.  I could go on a full fledge rant about this deal but I'm going to restrain myself.  
I have a deal closing next week.  That's going well and on schedule.  Unfortunately, the title company has been closed for the last couple of days.  So much for sending out the lending package.  All work is at a stand still in this part of the world.  It's surreal.  
I'm hoping the snow will end tomorrow and we'll be able to get back to real life.  It's been lovely to see but I'm ready for the Spring season to start! 

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