state of affairs

BikesThis week has been crazy which is why posting has been light.  I ratified three contracts which is gratifying and exciting.  I've been working with these clients since January and I'm so happy they've found a home!  Next week is going to be equally as insane with home inspections, negotiations and closings. Most importantly, I'll be getting ready to visit my best friend from college.  I can't wait to get out of town!  

While I didn't have a lot of free time to troll the internet, I found a couple of things that caught my eye.  Have a great weekend!

10 go-to paint colors.  When I painted my condo last year, I looked at endless posts like this one.  It's helpful to see what other people use on their walls.

5 delicious summer salads.  I'm always looking for a new salad. These look fab.

Beach reads!  Clearly I need to put these on my list for my flight to SC.  



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