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Last week, I spent two days in NYC learning the wonders of photoshop for bloggers.  Taught by Bri Emery from designlovefest and Angela Kohler of angela+ithyle, it was 16 hours of non stop info.  

I got the hang of animating a gif (are you humming "super freak" as you watch it??).  I learned how to write on a photo.  I absorbed a gazillion new techniques.

I met interesting people creating amazing stuff:  custom nail polish, stationary sold on tiny prints, jewelry, a wedding blog, posts for the beauty department, a pastry chef, a stylist and a florist. That's only a handful of the talented ladies I encountered..there were many more.  

I had a brain overload, ate fantastic meals, saw great friends and drank a few (thousand) cocktails.

Although I found the workshop incredibly inspiring, it was also difficult for me.  I had zero experience with photoshop when I started the weekend.  Thankfully, Bri, Angela and their lovely interns were very, very, very patient.  Overall, it was an unforgetable, enlightening experience.  

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