take me away

I'm still reeling from the day I had yesterday.  Athough I can't discuss it because it's work related, needless to say, it sucked.  big time. 

What do I do when the day is beyond rotten?  Escape.  My favorite escape? Reading.  Below is my current book plus another that caught my interest (as in, I stayed up all night to finish it).  

The house i loved
This book is touching.  It's about love: for your spouse, your home, your children.  Although it's not as good as her previous book Sarah's Key, it was a wonderful read.  Plus, Paris!  How can it be bad?

State of wonder
State of Wonder was on every "Best of 2011" fiction list that I encountered.  It was so engaging, I devoured it in one sitting.  I always enjoy Ann Patchett's prose and this was no exception.

 I hope you enjoy them!

*book covers via amazon.com



  1. I just read state of wonder too and gave it to kevin to read. I also got Sarah’s key for Christmas. I haven’t read it yet but, I will now that you have given it such good reviews.

  2. I really liked Sarah’s Key. It was sad but a very interesting, little known story. You’ll have to tell me how you like it!

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