The 9 Day Black Nail Polish Manicure

On Saturday Sept. 12th, I joined a friend for a mani/pedi. She'd had a tough week and her fiance (take note men) bought her a day of beauty at the Red Door Spa in Mazza Gallery. I couldn't join her for the whole day of festivities because I had to work. I was able to catch up with her in the afternoon for a mani/pedi.

For some reason, fall=black nail polish to me. I also like to pretend I'm a bad *ss mamajama. In honor of the first day that felt like Fall, I had the manicurist use the color in the picture at the top of the page. (Yes I have man hands. It's another thing that Giada D. and I have in common.) I expected it to chip within days. IT HASN'T AND THAT WAS NINE DAYS AGO. I'm abnormally excited by this discovery.

I'm not usually the manicure type. I'm always doing things with my hands and generally they're pretty beat up. If I do paint my nails, I usually do it myself. Maybe that's why my black polish is always chipping so quickly. Anyway, I am so very excited to present you with the 9 day, black nail polish manicure!! I wonder if it'll last until tomorrow?



  1. Very nice!I think the use of a base coat and top coat by the pros makes a difference. Enjoy!

  2. WOW! I am amazed. I usually do a sheer pink color and can make it 5-7 days. Im on day 4 with no chips in sight, but the black/dark purple on my toes already has two chips. I think when they use that stuff that dries out your nailbed it makes all the difference. Im super impressed. And your hands look lovely. 😀

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